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FS9 Multiplayer Online flight

YETIV8R Posted: 01.03.2006, 16:14


registered: Jan. 2006
Posts: 1529

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last visit: 04.09.13
How to connect to a multiplayer online flight?

1. First obtain the Online Game's Host's IP address. Usually, he will publish the IP address in the shout box (viewable only by registered users).

2. Start MSFS and create a flight. Position your aircraft on a ramp or a parking space of the airport everybody is flying from. [b]Do not position on the runway.[/b] Again, this departure information along with route and the destination airport information should all be previously published somewhere in the forum or in the events calendar.

Please join the game fully prepared.

3. In MSFS, select menu Flights>Multiplayer>Connect

4. 'Multiplayer Connect' screen will appear. Please follow the steps as shown below:

That's it.

If everybody works ok for you, you should be able to see other pilots or their aircraft. You can bring the chat box by pressing 'Enter' and type your message there in the chat box within FS9.

Or better, use Teamspeak to chat with others using voice.

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KenLeMay Posted: 02.03.2006, 09:59


registered: Jan. 2006
Posts: 800

Status: offline
last visit: 12.06.11
Excellent guide! Only thing I can suggest is before you enter the multiplayer area, it's best to turn "crash detection" off. That way if you appear online in the same parking spot as another acft, you won't "crash" and have to start all over.

Good job Naresh!

Ken LeMay
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Anonymous Posted: 17.11.2007, 20:15
Unregistered User thanks man you once again answered one of my questions you guys are awesome.

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