Good Moring Pilots,

Spring is here now, and a snow storm is rolling across the state here in MN, allowing me to spend a little time on SPA business. I've recently added the new flight offering section on Crash Investigations, allowing pilots to fly past flights that ended in accidents. Most of these are GA aircraft. The nice part of this is that all simulators should be able to fly them as there's no downloads specific to certain simulators. These Crash Investigation flights are based on various Youtube videos that are linked to each flight offering. Pilots flying these flights will likely find these videos very interesting while giving them insight into their upcoming flight.

I'm still considering some additional Adventure Packs (AP) for MSFS2020. The old Adventure Packs designed for FSX and P3D were wonderful and great fun, but I won't be doing anymore for those simulators. Unfortunately, the lack of effects available for 2020 limit the fun we can have with new AP scenery. Still, I can do enough with what's available that I think we can have some fun with it. We also can look forward to the new MS flight simulator that should be coming out sometime this year.

Happy flying,