Good evening pilots,

Time sure has went fast for me this summer as I keep up with the current site and work on the new site while enjoying some bicycle riding when the weather permits. I've also spent some time enjoying our multiplayer flights with a few pilots who have found the time to join us. We have friendly banter and discuss things like the upcoming FS2020 simulator and other topics as we fly together and enjoy the scenery. If you're at all interested I encourage you to come give these flights a try. It's a great opportunity to get to know your fellow SPA pilots.

I want to give you an update on the status of our site upgrade. We have now set up a test site with our provider that I've moved the new site setup over to, and hope to make some final adjustments and testing to ensure the core functions are working before moving our active site to the new location. I hope to ensure that PIREP filing, forums, logbooks and other vital functions are operational before I move to that site. I'll then move our site to the new location and fix any minor remaining issues of broken links as time allows. I haven't decided how that final migration will work, but there may be a day where our site will be shut down for the transition. Alternatively, I might just leave it up so that pireps will continue to post, although we'll have to move any last-minute flight filings to the new system manually if they get posted to the old system after the data has been moved to the new system. Regardless, we're very close to one of the biggest changes to our site since I've been a member here - and certainly since I've been Webmaster. I look forward to completing this project so that my time can once again be devoted to improving and maintaining the active site rather than creating a duplicate site. I'll post to the forum when the time for change-over is imminent, and what you might expect, so don't worry about any sudden changes in the next few days.

As I indicated in a forum post, we've almost finished the Multiplayer flight for Vancouver Island Seaplane Tour. It's been great fun flying and conversing with other SPA pilots as we enjoy the scenery around Vancouver Island. Hopefully other pilots might join in the fun, as it will be a while before we offer another multiplayer flight.

Happy flying,