Good morning pilots,

I've been having a lot of fun exploring the new MSFS (FS2020), but there continues to be needed fixes and more planes before it can be the versatile simulator it must. I've also been revisiting our Econ-2018 offerings and enjoying flying the ever-changing MSP-Center flights there. I've been working with SOP Larry and VP Mike as we consider the latest new offerings for your flying enjoyment. Now that the site migration is completed we can again focus our attention on these anticipated flight offerings.

Some of the things we're considering in the near future are additional flights for our Juneau Center Econ-2018 page. I'm also soon to release Larry's North to South Pole Flight in Larry's Bush Operations Page. I'm also hoping to add some additional Sightseeing Charter Flights. These should be "load and go" flights for MSFS/FS2020, but I'll probably still have to offer scenery downloads for those wishing to fly them with FSX/P3D planes. Depending on how realistic the scenery is with Xplane and FlightGear, these flight options are available for those simulators too, but I'm just not certain what there will be to see when you get to the various scenery locations. Lastly, for those military history buffs, Mike's looking into some possible historic military operation flight offerings. If you missed out on our earlier Doolittle's Tokyo Raid and Operation Catechism multiplayer flights, those are still available to be flown as individual flights from our Adventure Packs Page.

So, as you can see we're hard at work here behind the scenes coming up with new and exciting things to test your flying skills as well as your simulator's performance.

Happy flying,