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SPA Code Share Agreement

 This is an expansion of our existing code share agreement between Saint Paul Airlines and Tasman Airways. Code sharing refers to a practice where a flight operated by an airline is jointly marketed as a flight for one or more other airlines. Most major airlines today have code sharing partnerships with other airlines, and code sharing is a key feature of the major airline alliances. Our agreement is outlined below.

  1. This code share agreement is open to all pilots of any rank .
  2. Prior to flying any code share flights, all pilots must have completed their one required flight for the month
  3. Pilots who wish to participate in the code share flights need to get with the MSP Hub Manager (mspmanager@stpaulairlines.com) to inform the HM of the pilots intent .
  4. The MSP Hub Manager will route the Pilot into KLAX (Los Angeles International Airport). After arriving in Los Angeles, the pilot should contact the LAX Hub Manager (laxmanager@stpaulairlines.com) for a route into Sydney or New Zealand .
  5. "A pilot is not required to fly to KLAX to fly a code share flight.  He may be given, or select any flight from the Tasman code share flight schedule."
  6. "A pilot may only fly a flight for the category aircraft he is qualified to fly.  Permission must be obtained from the MSP Hub manager to fly a higher category of aircraft whilst flying a code share flight."
  7. Any questions a pilot may have while flying Tasman Airways flights should be directed toward the LAX Manager .
  8. Any Tasman Airways flights flown after your required scheduled flight should be filed under the KLAX hub .
  9. No pilots will be assigned to the LAX hub. The LAX Manager is a medium between Saint Paul Airlines and Tasman Airways .

The policies contained in this agreement may only be amended by consensus of the Senior Management.

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