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Gallery Instructions

Gallery Use

1. If you don't have an album and would like one, contact the webmaster to create one for you.

2. Your new album will be created using the same user name for the main site. You will get a temporary password to log in. Please immediately change your password to the same password that you use for the main site. That way you won't have to remember additional user name or password.

3. Once you've logged in you can click your name at the top where it says "logged in as". This is where you adjust your information and change passwords and other user-related information.

4. Clicking on the "home" tab or the "gallery" icon at the top will always take you back to the main gallery page showing all the pilots albums.

5. I've currently allowed pilots edit and add features. This means you can add or delete pics in your album and organize or add sub albums to your album. Note: This also gives you similar permissions to mess in other pilots albums or pics. Please don't do that our I'll have to limit permission access for all pilots to just adding pics. I hope we can be responsible with this, as it will give you some housekeeping control over your album such as reducing the number of pics to 50 pics now and again when I request this.

6. Once you've logged in you will see additional tabs for "add" and "album options" at the top if you're in a pilot's album. Again - only make changes or add/deletes to your own album! Hovering your mouse over each tab will give you a drop-down menu of available options.

7. You may get a message that Flash is required to add photos or other album changes. The message will provide a link for installing the necessary Flash addon. You must do this install if you wish to change or update your photos.

8. On the right side of the gallery page you can click on the link to see the photos listed according to most recent - either for the entire gallery or for the particular album you're currently looking in.

Adding links to forum posts or signatures

1. Create a new photo album using your name or pilot ID inside the Links album if you haven't don't have one yet. This is separate from your main photo album and should only include photos that are linked to things.

2. Upload your pics to your gallery link album. Please make a note of where you link the pic, ie. the forum post title or 'signature' if used in your forum signature.

3. Go into your gallery photo alum and select the photo you want to include (click on it once to bring up the individual small photo, but not second click that makes it big). Now when you hover your mouse over the smaller photo, you will see the link for the big photo appear in the lower area of your browser window. Mine looks like this (http://stpaulairlines.com/modules/gallery3/var/albums/John-Rogers-Pics/tgf3.jpg?m=1510773813).

4. To get that information quickly, instead of hovering over the pic, right-click the pic and choose "copy link". Now paste that link into the forum post using the "insert image" option the forum has (or if you have multiple photos to include, first paste the links to a wordpad or other text editor so you have them all there in a group.

5. Create your forum post (or paste it in) - leaving a spot for the pics - perhaps with a marker like, "pic-1_pic-2_etc."

6. To add your pic links to the forum, click on the little pic icon at the little menu at the top of your forum message. It's an icon of a pic and when you hover over it, it shows "insert/edit image".

7. With the cursor placed in your message at a new line where you want this pic inserted, click that button. You will see a little window open allowing you to paste your link in the 'source' line. Also you can add description and set the dimensions of the pic.

8. Repeat this process for each pic you want to include. That's why you can temporarily save the group of links to a text editor for copying and pasting during this process so you don't have to keep hunting through your gallery for them.

9. If you really want to get fancy, you can even make the pics small, and make them a link to your actual photo album pic using the same gallery pic link, but using the "insert/edit link" button that's to the right of the image button. I think you highlight the first little pic and then click the add link button, and re-paste your gallery link in the url area there. The highlighted pic should fill in the other important area.

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