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Here's what I run in the Airbus. Speed set to selected mode, heading set to managed mode, altitude set to selected mode and I don't touch anything on the vertical speed setting. With altitude set to selected mode the aircraft will climb at a rate that keeps the aircraft at the speed you set in selected mode as well. This will fluctuate as the aircraft climbs or descends. For instance, after takeoff the aircraft might climb at 5,000 fpm, but it will maintain 250. Closer to cruise it may only be climbing at 1,200 fpm but my speed never fluctuates and will stay right where I set it.

I'll set my speed during taxi, engage autothrottle and almost immediately after takeoff I'll move the throttle to climb mode. Once I'm airborn and climbing/accelerating I'll switch on the autopilot and it will take over almost all control of the aircraft. I keep some control by not using managed mode on most of my autopilot settings.

Hopefully this helps you out. Here's what I see during cruise:

Eric M. Eder, SPA118
Miami Hub Manager
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1 week 12 hours ago #16308 by jer029
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Thanks Eric,

Yes...that should take care of some of my issues. The selected mode for Speed and Altitude would put that control back in my hands, but the managed mode should work also...unless I've failed to set something else up right, but I've left that controlled by the copilot, so I figured he should know what he's doing.

I'll try it with your suggestions tomorrow and hope for a smoother least as far as flight control goes...can't say the same for the view out the window always.

John Rogers

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