Promotion of Eric Eder to MIA Hub Manager

1 year 1 month ago #16189 by jer029

I would like to again welcome Eric back to the management team where he will once again take his former position as Miami Hub Manager. Eric has been a long-time member of St. Paul Airlines - joining back in 2006, and has held numerous management positions over the years.

It will be great to have him take control of the MIA Hub again.

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John Rogers

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1 year 1 month ago #16191 by SPA118
Thanks John. Glad to be back helping out where I can. This is our newer system and website, which we switched to in 2006. I actually joined St. Paul Airlines on September 30, 2004, but who's counting? Sheesh, now I feel old! 16 years with SPA and it seems like just yesterday I signed up, not really knowing much of anything about virtual airlines or flight simming. All I knew was that I had a deep passion for aviation and this seemed like a great way to enjoy that passion. Its crazy that all these years later, I'm still learning every day about aviation in general.

I ramble. Thanks again for the chance to help out around here again!

Eric M. Eder, SPA118
Miami Hub Manager
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