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Sorry to hear about your connection problems.

As for the flight numbering when there is an issue with missing airports - I forget sometimes that the basic explanation of SPAACARs and our new numbering restrictions are insufficient until pilots bring it to my attention as you have done.  It's easy to understand that this would add frustration to how to file a pirep in unusual circumstance when it's not possible to fly the exact route listed in the flight schedule.  This would likely also apply to other pilots flying real weather with an alternate airport configured in their plan.

In any event, the important thing to understand is what the site expects regarding the flight numbering.  Once that criteria is met - the pirep will be accepted.  Again, one of the following situations must be met:
1. Orig and Dest Code must match that listed in the official schedule for the flight number listed.
2. Your valid user-defined 5-digit flight number as long as there exists no official flight number with the same orig and dest code for the flight.

SPAACARs does not confirm actual plane location for orig and dest airports, so you could actually fly in circles - taking off and landing at the same airport and list a totally different orig and dest in the SPAACARS Orig and Dest fields and the flight would be accepted as long as conditions 1 or 2 listed above are met.

Also, SPAACARs allows changes to be made to the Orig/Dest fields before and during flight.  In fact, you can manually add all necessary flight plan information to start SPAACARS recording your flight without using the Load Flight Plan button.  Xplane has to do this anyway because their flight plans are not compatible with SPAACARs, but the recording of flight data is.

So - ideally, it's best to keep the listed flight number, orig and dest data from the flight schedule in the SPAACARs data fields and just land and take off from your alternate airport locations.  Since the Orig/Dest match the scheduled flight number, the server will accept the pirep, and SPAACARs doesn't care whether you're actually at either of those airports.  This will record your flight as the appropriate flight number for the tour you're flying (even if it required a deviation in orig/dest).

Happy flying,

John Rogers

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I just finished the Iceland tour using a CarbonCub XCub. I recommend this aircraft for those short field takeoffs and landings. Some airports are not easy to find and they are very short.

Also, there is not much in the line of interesting scenery to look at unless you like high snow covered hills and few trees. Most airports have very few structures on them.

The weather this time of year can also be brutal. There are always high winds and poor visibility.

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10-4 on the miles and miles of miles and miles of snow covered peaks and valleys. Think I'll try this one again in the Summer months and see what's hidden under all that nasty WX, bone chilling wind and frozen rivers and bays.

I've never had the opportunity to visit Iceland personally, but everyone I've ever spoken with that has been there gives Iceland thumbs up on beauty and great experiences.

BTW, don't try to fly your DH2 into an airport that has Freezing Fog as an extra added attraction in it's WX forecast.

LOW & SLOW is the WAY to GO
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I thought that Iceland got it's name because the Vikings who discovered it wanted to discourage others from wanting to get there.

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