Continued craziness of the A320Neo

1 month 4 weeks ago #16524 by jer029
Ok, I'm really struggling again with this plane. It seems to handle totally differently every time I fly it. Several of the past flights I've found that the plane just decides to go into a steep descent on final blowing past the glideslope and not wanting to gain altitude again without almost TOGO setting of throttle. I've resorted to taking the plane off AP earlier so that I can ensure I have control of the aircraft for landing with enough room to recover any unexpected control issues.

The MCDU and following approach path is a crap-shoot. Again today the plane decided to skip half the approach - instead making a direct run for the runway. Manipulating the MCDU Approach option filled the screen with so many squiggles that it looked like a child attacked it with a crayon rather than a coherent flight path to the runway. Fortunately, after giving it several direct-to commands, it found one to its liking and followed it to the runway from an IAF without me having to switch to heading mode.

Another thing that I still see is that the plane wants to fly nose-up and a constant 10-degree attitude. This can be corrected by adjusting the center of gravity to the very front end of acceptable balance limits. This allows the plane to fly mostly level and prevents what I believe to be a stalling of the aircraft that caused the unpredictable loss of altitude and breaking away from the glideslope on final. I think it might also help the plane climb to cruise altitude because increate in pitch results in climb rather than a stall when the COG is moved to the front of the plane.

This aircraft continues to be a source of frustration to fly, and it's too bad because it can be so much fun when it works properly - or at least consistently. Hopefully there can be a stable release before the majority of interested pilots give up on it.


John Rogers

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1 month 4 weeks ago #16525 by SPA118

jer029 wrote: Hopefully there can be a stable release before the majority of interested pilots give up on it.

This is sad but very true. I'm almost to that point after the last update. I was so excited for the last update, and after I applied it, I was incredibly let down and beyond frustrated. Another "fix" that completely broke the A320... AGAIN!!! I still haven't flown another flight because I fell like I just don't want to deal with all of the frustrations of an aircraft that simply doesn't work at all. And in reality, that goes for almost all of the big iron, not just the A320. I might try some GA flights just to keep current but honestly it just isn't my thing. I love country hopping in aircraft so massive that flight should be an impossibility at altitudes that would render a person unconscious in seconds. To each his own though...

Hopefully they get this thing worked out sooner rather than later.

Eric M. Eder, SPA118
Miami Hub Manager
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1 month 4 weeks ago #16535 by SPA031
Do you think that the updates are changing our settings?

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