PIREP Uploads & Active Flight Map - Tips & Suggestions

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Here's a few things to keep in mind when checking on pirep uploads:

Both SPAACARS and the manual entry from the Pilot's Office will give almost instant notification as to the success or failure of your pirep upload.  Both will also now give reasons for failure in most cases.

Pilots can verify uploads several ways, but please note the following:
1.  SPAACARS will use the flight date you entered in your simulator as the flight date.  If you are flying Mike's Bomber Group flights and you use those dates, your flight might be recorded as "December-1942" as the flight date.  I can't remember if I changed that.  Anyway, there is a check-box in the settings area for "Use System Date".  It's a good idea to check this box in the settings area so that your flight will default to the date and time your flight is made according to your computer's date and time.  That way it should always file your flight as flown on the date and time you flew it.

2.  Saved Simulator flights will use the date they were saved on.  Unless you change the flight date in SPAACARS or have "Use system Date" checked in the settings, your flight will likely be logged for the original date the flight was saved. 

3.  Daily Flight Arrivals will display only the current and previous day's flights.  If your flight was logged using an earlier flight date for reasons described above, then it will not display here even if it was successfully uploaded.

4.  Daily Flight Arrivals is not automatically refreshed.  You must refresh your browser display - and possibly clear your browser's memory cache, to see the latest updates to the Arrivals area.

5.  Your logbook available in the Pilot's Office will show the display immediately after upload of pirep, but if you used an older flight date for reasons described above, it may well be way down in your flight listing.  For example if you used Mike's Bomb Group flight date December-1942, well...that listing in your logbook is likely all the way back as your first flight listed in your logbook.

6.  The Active Flight Map also is not updated automatically and must be refreshed to display active flights by refreshing your browser's display - this includes the listing of planes on the main page and the actual map on the Flight Map page.  Also...data drops from the map after 15-minutes, so if you pause your flight so that no update is sent for 15 minutes, your flight won't show again until SPAACARS sends the next update.

7.  The Teamspeak Listing on the main page also doesn't update automatically.  You must refresh your browser to see any changes to pilots currently active on the teamspeak channels.

8.  Oh...and you should eventually receive an email regarding a successful pirep upload, but that is sometimes incorrect and will not always arrive immediately due to delay by the sending and receiving servers.

Hope this helps clear up some things.

Happy flying,


John Rogers
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