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I just flew a ECON 18 flight from Sacramento to Minnianapolis (610290) 1518 miles. I uses a B-777 since the Cat 4 planes wouldn't take the 129 pax and 19300 lbs of cargo and the fuel needed without being overweight. I completed the flight sucessfully and wound up with a -122,000 loss. SPAACARS showed  pax revenue of about $23,000. That's about $173 per pax. What's wrong here?

William Schneider (610)

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Mike may have a more detailed explanation, but I'll take a guess at it.  I'm surprised that the MSFS A320 wouldn't handle that payload and fuel requirements, but I'll have to plug it in to look at that.  If you tried that, I'm curious as to how much overweighted it was with the A320.

In the event it was grossly overweight for the A320, then you would need to find a slightly larger plane to handle the flight or not have selected that flight if you didn't have a suitable plane.   This is most important if you're flying a Mpls Center flight where it counts in your company income statement.

Unfortunately, the plane you selected, if I'm looking at the correct specs for the 777-200, it can hold 440 passengers and who knows how much cargo along with fuel.  At 129 pax and 19300 cargo, I'm guessing that your plane was seriously 'underutilized' compared to the costs to operate it on that flight.  Looking at your cost/revenue for the flight, it's clear that the revenue for the flight was not even enough to cover the fuel cost to operate the plane.

It's always best to set up your plane before signing up for the flight to ensure you have a plane capable of flying the selected route with the required pax and cargo at a relatively full capacity.  If's best to select a flight that better matches your fleet capabilities, and if none exist in the current selection, just fly the flight as a non-MSP Center flight so it won't count against your company margin.


 I left KSMF with your payload in the A320 with adequate fuel for the flight plus an hour reserve.  With that, I have only 65% fuel capacity and 73% payload capacity used.  I'm flying at FL390, but will push the speed to the max speed allowed to save time for me since it's getting late now.  We'll see how I make out, but I think I'm in for some big revenue.  Here's my A320's fuel/payload:

Final Flight Report with A320Neo (MSFS/FS2020), you can see, no problem with SPAACARS.  The plane must be mostly full of passenger and payload for flights.  Planes that are half-empty or more will likely result in revenue loss for the flight.


John Rogers
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Thanks for the quick reply. I guess I just picked the wrong aircraft for that flight and took a big hit for my mistake.

Bill Schneider

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