SPAACARS 10.13 Released

3 years 4 months ago - 3 years 4 months ago #16783 by jer029

I've done some investigation today and I believed I've identified the problem with SPAACARS failing to log.  I believe there are intermittent connection issues between FSUIPC/Simconnect and the simulator.  These interrupts are so short that the simconnect indicator on SPAACARS generally won't turn red.  However, if the "Start Log" button is pushed at the exact time of the interrupt. the logging won't start.

The latest version of SPAACARS 10.13 corrects this by sending an error message and allowing you to push the "Start Logging" button again.

I believe this will correct the issue of flying an entire flight without realizing that your flight isn't logging, and you won't have to check at the start for initial logging activity.

To reinstall the new version, just copy all the new files in this download over the old files.  When first started after doing this you will have to go into SPAACARS "File" Menu and select your ini file from the popup window again to get the green ini indicator.

Hopefully this fixes that long-standing bug.


John Rogers
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