387th Bomb Group Project: Man your bombers - Phase 4 is Live.

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At great long last, we have posted the first five flights of Phase 4 (Initial Operations from Station 162) of the 387th Bomb Group Project.  Among other things, this means that you can fly these flights and log them via SPAACARs.  Before starting, you will want to download the flight plans and related scenery files, posted under DOWNLOAD > Bomber Group.  Instructions are included in the download.  On top of that you will want to go to the 387th Bomb Group section of our SPA Forum and read the various entries in all four of the subsections.  These provide information you will need to succeed at these assignments, as well information about what help you can/cannot use

Here is the best overview video of the operations of B-26 Groups in England and France during 1943 and 1944.  Here you will see illustrated much of what you have already learned about the B-26 and you will see what missions lie in wait in Phases, 4, 5  and beyond.  

These missions are not intended as one and done propositions.  The 387th went back to many of these targets multiple times and so can you.  In the process, we hope you can succeed at progressively higher levels of difficulty, that is at progressively higher levels of realism.  Start at Level IV and if you succeed at that level, try Level III and, then, Level II.  Try to improve your bombing accuracy at each level.  Post your results in the Forum; I'm fascinated to see what you can do.

The Phase 4 mission set represents just the first few months of the operations of the 387th BG in the summer of 1943.  These  missions are against easily identified targets nearby in NW France in summer weather.  As the war proceeds, the 387th is sent against more distant, significant and difficult targets, involving longer flights and, as winter commences, in poorer weather.  If interest warrants, and it may not, I will try to develop these mission sets, but that will require a more work on bomb ballistics and a lot more difficult scenery development, an art at which I am still a rank beginner.  So, we'll see.


387th Bomb Group Commander (1st Lt. retired  )
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