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1 year 2 months ago #17611 by jer029
MSFS pilots,  Just curious if anyone has purchased this addon for MSFS/FS2020.  I loved this addon for FSX/P3D and will eventually get it for MSFS.  I heard there were significant problems with it.  Let me know your thoughts and if these latest improvements fix things enough to make it worth the purchase.

Here's an explanation from them about the limitations due to MSFS, and improvements now with the latest MSFS Update 12.

"Today Microsoft released Sim Update 12, which has added lots of important improvements to the sim covering many areas. But for FSDT and GSX Pro, the most important feature is the addition of full Jetway informations to the Navdata API, which will offer big benefits to how GSX works.
The changes are many and their impact so profound, we had to make a presentation video to explain in the detail how much this improves GSX:
We would like to thank Microsoft and Asobo for listening to all our suggestions about this new API, which has been added exactly like we asked, and makes GSX working with jetways so much better.
To get the update, just run the FSDT Live Update.
You can view the full announcement by following this link:

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John Rogers
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