Adventure Pack APMSFS1 Awards

1 month 3 weeks ago #17739 by RAOUF
Dear Sirs,
I liked Adventure Pack APMSFS1. 
I had a good time flying this adventure.
Best Regards,
Raouf. SPA708

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1 month 3 weeks ago #17740 by jer029
Thanks Raouf,

I'm glad you enjoyed it.  It was my first attempt at doing a MSFS/FS2020 Adventure with added scenery.  Unfortunately changes to the sim after I finished this made the sunken America wreck visible from the surface to be no longer "visible".  Otherwise, the lighthouses, buoys and marinas still show up as they should if the various addon scenery addons are included.

Unfortunately, the effects and other options are still limited for creating Adventure Packs for this simulator when compared to the old FSX and the many Adventures I created for that simulator.  Now with the upcoming FS2024, I'm reluctant to get too much into the FS2020 scenery development,

Happy flying,


John Rogers

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