Update on MSFS CTD Issues

5 months 3 weeks ago #17711 by jer029
Okay, so after lots of testing and CTD's and turning things on and off and unloading and reloading addons...and reading the many posts of others having problems, I've come to two conclusions regarding my CTD issues.  The first cause of CTD is using the AI Traffic in MSFS.  The second is using the VFR map.  Turning off AI Traffic stopped the main issue for me of random CTDs during flight.  I had a CTD when I started the VFR map mid-flight yesterday - the first of that I can recall, but it seemed pretty obvious that this was the problem because it crashed right after I clicked the icon to open the map.  Forum posts indicate that changing the map type from VFR to IFR an prevent this, but I've not found a setting for this other than a addon mod that is mentioned.

Right now, flying with AI Traffic turned off and not using the VFR map seems to allow me to do long flights without a CTD.  Needless to say - these issues have nothing specifically to do with our SPAACARS program, so I'm happy to say I won't be making any changes to that program.  Pilots can safely continue to use this as we have for years - and since the inception of MSFS2020.

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John Rogers
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