Florida Hurricane Relief Flights - MSFS2020 issues and work-around

5 months 1 week ago #17530 by jer029

Having completed this set of flights, I've found several issues and a workaround.  First, some of the airports are not in MSFS2020.  Here you can follow the general rule for missing airports and select a nearby airport.  Just ensure the origin and destination ORI listed on your SPAACARS fields are the ones listed on the flight offering page (not the alternate airport you're actually flying to or from).  SPAACARS matches the flight number with the orig and dest airport and will not accept a mismatch.  You can also use your user-defined flight number if you want, and keep the actual orig and dest ORI that you're flying to.

The other thing I noticed was that MSFS2020 does a terrible job with those little Florida airports.  Particularly bad are the trees that are melted blobs that you have a hard time navigating around and look terrible.  I recommend turning off your Photogrametery in the MSFS2020 settings area temporarily while you fly this part of the flight.  This will make the scenery look much nicer as you fly into these small airstrips.  Don't forget to turn it back on when you're back to high-flying and want to see realistic scenery.

Happy flying,


John Rogers
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