Group Flight Plan for 11-23-22 at 19:30 CST

4 months 1 week ago #17545 by airhogg

Your Wed group flight plan is ready to download. To Join us for the flight, you will need the latest
version of JoinFS and Teamspeak for the audio. You can start your SPAACARS to log your
hours for the flight. (Uncheck the econ-mode box in the settings before starting the flight).
Set your fltsim clock to indicate 12:00 pm. As always, we welcome all pilots to join us.

Note: Just a thought, if we had the flight in the afternoon on Wednesday`s instead in the evening,
          would more pilots be able to join us for the flight? This idea came up during the course
          of the flight last week. If this would increase the number of pilots showing up for the flight,
          we would seriously entertain this idea.  Please let us know. Thank you



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