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7 months 1 week ago #17486 by chili
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Hope someone can answer this question; I have noticed that all the flight maximum of PAX are no more than 120 on the ECON flights. are there any flight that have larger PAX's? as to be able to fly the B-757 or 767 without getting hit with huge penalty, these birds carry over 200 pax.
No big deal, just curious.

Thanks in advance


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7 months 1 week ago #17487 by jer029
Replied by jer029 on topic ECON Flights
Good morning Chili,

If I recall correctly, I started the Econ module (even before 2018) with a very simple but unrealistic formula for calculating cost and revenue.  Around about 2018 Mike D. took on the project of improving the cost/revenue model of the module.  He came up with a relatively complex model, but that model tended to become less accurate as the plane size increased.  That's why there is a suggested limit of plane size (weight category) for flying Econ flights, and why our official econ flights limit the amount of passengers and cargo.  I think Mike was planning to look at attempting to expand that model to larger aircraft, but I think it kind of got put on hold indefinitely.

Regardless, I and many other pilots tend to fly with Econ mode activated all the time because we like to see the flight review and comments that are included with the Econ flights.  It also offers pilots a chance to practice making various Econ flights to see how profitable their desired aircraft is under differing payloads so that they can decide if they want to use that plane for official Econ flights.

The only time I turn off Econ mode is on a flight with multiple takeoff and landings like Larry's Group Flight on Wednesdays.  That's because the Econ mode forces PIREP auto send after landing and we want SPAACARS to keep running until the end of our flight session regardless of how many airport "hops" we make.  Leaving Econ mode off allows for multiple takeoffs and landings and then PIREP can be manually sent with a button push on SPAACARS when the pilot is done flying.

Happy flying,


John Rogers

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7 months 1 week ago #17488 by chili
Replied by chili on topic ECON Flights
Thanks John, yes this makes perfect sense, and I was expecting that answer:) It was more of curious question, I'm happy flying the mid size ac in the econ 2018, and fly my other birds on my regular flights.

Thanks for the quick response John!
I'm enjoying the flights


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