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7 months 3 weeks ago #17475 by Oswald
Hello SPA pilots, I just want to report on a rather moving coincidence: On my way around the world from KMSP to KMSP (well, in my case actually from EDDN to EDDN, but the same tour), I arrived at CYFB Iqaluit airport on 29/07. Just in time to meet Pope Francis on the last visit of his pilgrimage to meeting First Nation and Inuit people in Canada. Fair enough to say that FlightGear didn't really show up the Pope and his company, but on the same evening I read an article in the Guardian about it and today I looked further into it and followed a bit of his speech near Nakusuk School. I might have been there if my flight hadn't been only simulated ...

I must say, I am a bit touched by the coincidence as with following my SPA flight on the FlightGear Tracker, Google Earth and several links in the internet, I had a slight idea of the town and region and found it very interesting. And I have been following the reports on the abuses of indigenous kids afflicted by residential school staff for quite some time.

Sometime things simply fit ...

Very different topic to the others we usually post, I just want to share it with you.
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7 months 3 weeks ago #17477 by airhogg
I agree with you Oswald, what a coincidence! It`s been on the news here for a few years now. It`s horrible what happened to these indigenous kids going back to the 1800`s. I guess the pressure of being in the news day to day, the indigenous leaders all over Canada were looking for an apology from the Pope. We`ll see what happens once they complete their investigations.

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