DC Designs Concorde for MSFS2020 - Updated

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Ok, so I've been flying this plane almost daily since its release.  There have been two recent version updates to fix some issues and add some additional features.  I've also worked through my ILS/Loc capture issues with both the Concorde and the default planes occurring since the last MSFS update I believe.  Some of the problems related to the Concorde were likely user error on my part with the plane being so new.

Also, part of the update is additions to the user manual to better cover the fuel transfer and other areas of confusion.  The Concorde doesn't have flaps and uses fuel balance in place of flaps.  That's why managing the fuel from forward and aft tanks is important for trimming the plane for fuel efficiency.  This is relatively easy to do once you get the hang of it.  

Anyway, I have to say I'm really enjoying this aircraft now that I've managed to get these issues corrected.  Also - the developer has been very responsive to issues posted to the MSFS forum for this aircraft, and there are many helpful posts by other users to help answer questions about problems users might encounter.

For any pilot wishing to fly supersonic at FL600, and without spending weeks reading a study-level user manual, this is the aircraft for you.

Happy flying,


John Rogers
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