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Maybe you remember the story about a United B777 out of KSFO losing an engine cowling about 40 minutes short of Honolulu in Feb. 2018.  Well, there was a heck of a lot more to that incident that the initial press accounts revealed.  Here is a link to Juan Browne's amazing interview with the captain of that flight, Capt. Chris Behnam.  It runs to almost an hour, but it is nothing short of astounding, approaching miraculous.  You've got to watch this.


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3 weeks 5 days ago #17283 by jer029
Thanks Mike, I wasn't aware of this Youtube site until your first post on it. I love the investigations that he does. Great stuff.

I watched the video you posted on this and the simulation the captain made of the incident.

I was looking to see if this issue was corrected, but I've not seen any indication that the troublesome engines have been fixed to prevent this from happening again and causing a major disaster.

I know the fleet was grounded for a time, but not sure what the resolution, if any was that got them flying again.


John Rogers

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