Kick'en back on a hot KMSP day

2 weeks 6 days ago #17027 by jer029
Hey pilots, just a quick note outside the President's message.  Yep, I'm here in the pilot's lounge with my glass of merlot (not my first), reflecting on recent things going on here.  I've just watched the latest Air Disasters episode, which always makes me want to run down to my simulator and fly their flight to successful outcome.  I also watch Sea Disasters - which has led to some of our Adventure flights.  I wanted to add yet another adventure related to that - but that's another story - and a related book I'm currently reading.

Anyway...I find myself with very limited time these days - so many apologies to our pilots who might be wanting to see something new.  With the warm weather here in MN and the MSP area, I find myself enjoying bicycling with my cycling club  .  Sorry...I have to use this emoji because I added it special for bicycling enthusiasts here (like our former webmaster Naresh and our current VP Mike).  Anyway, I lead rides for my club  - two to four days a week, so it cuts into my simming time, and that includes website extras.  Now that that pesky virus is subsiding - at least for now, I'm taking full advantage of the freedoms we used to take for granted. 

On top of all of that, last Friday was my 61st birthday, so I was enjoying more wine with family and celebrating a bit more than usual  - and that after a 25-mile bicycle ride I led that day for nine other riders.  So...this is why I haven't always been updating Larry's flight offerings and other things on the lower burner here at SPA - but I'm happy to welcome new pilots and help with any problems that pilots are having, and keeping all the bits and bytes in working order here at SPA.  So, enjoy our current offerings and I'll get right back to adding new things at the first rainy day that allows me to catch up on other real world stuff with time left over for simming extras.

I might add that I'm also hindered by the ongoing update to my new computer system - basically restoring old simulators (P3D...and perhaps eventually FSX).  P3D is a must - because our adventure flights require it or FSX, as does Mikes Bomber Group flights.  Today I managed to get P3D working again and Kodiak aircraft installed, lead a 21-mile bicycle ride, and fly from KMSP to KDLH with the latest livery for Delta Airlines and the Max Livery package for MSFS that again allows the wonderful real-world plane liveries at the various airports.

I'm truly enjoying my new super-charged system with the new MSFS - when I can find time to fly it.

Anyway, time to finish this wine while kicking back on the deck and enjoying the sunset.

Happy flying,



John Rogers

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2 weeks 5 days ago #17028 by SPA031
Thanks for all you do for us, John. Happy trails.

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2 weeks 5 days ago #17029 by airhogg
Happy birthday John. What I notice since being retired, our birthdays seem to be coming a lot quicker!
I don`t know if you had a stressful day or a rewarding day but for me, that`s when you want to take a pause from whatever you doing. I assume your working overtime to finetune that fancy computer of yours that we all wish we had. You need to take a break from all your endeavors and as you say, a little kick`en back time for yourself.



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2 weeks 5 days ago #17030 by Oswald
Hi John, Happy Birthday to you! I am happy to read that you enjoy cycling a lot - so do I every day to work and back home. And a glass of wine which is particularly worthwhile for birthday and even more so for slowly pushing that virus back. Congratulations again - to you country that finally gets on with vaccination in a breathtaking speed after far to long time of hesitation. In our country we seem to get on the right track, too, eventually.
And best wishes to setting up and starting you new computer system. With three flight sims - a lot to do. Hopefully you'll find plenty of time for very interesting flights in addition to your bicycle tours.

Have a good time, and thanks for everything you do for SPA.
BTW what would you think of SPA aircraft to avoid belarus airspace to prevent us from getting forced down and our pax from getting arrested? Though I was flying from northern syria over the syrian desert via western Irak to Saudi Arabia on a leg of the KMSP world tour, quite happy that no Migs or whatever fighter aircraft of any party attacked me.

Cheers, Oswald

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2 weeks 4 days ago #17032 by SPA031

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1 week 2 days ago #17047 by paul.kennedy
Airhogg, I was told once that the more birthdays you have, the longer you live... :)

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