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2 weeks 2 days ago #17227 by KC135
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Finally got 2020 working again. When I tried to start 18 November, I had a mandatory update, so I said ok, bad. It downloaded the update but the sim would not open. It took me to the M$ store and told me to uninstall 2020. After a day or so I finally did, I saved the setting files. Then I had to install it again, for about 30 hours. Now I have to install  several of the aircraft I purchased before.
What A mess. The moral for me is update only through the store.

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2 weeks 2 days ago #17228 by jer029
Replied by jer029 on topic MSFS2020 V7
Hey Ron, not sure what you mean update only through the store.  Do you mean addons or the simulator, because it seems the simulator forces updates only one way and it's mandatory or no-go otherwise.  The first thing I'd do with problems after an update of FS2020 is the suggested move of everything out of the Community folder before restarting.  If it starts ok then it's one of the addons and you can incrementally add back the community folder items until the cause of the crash is identified.  Then you can exclude that addon from the Community folder until an update is released for it.

I would certainly try that and do some googling of Internet forums before a total reinstall of my simulator.

Hope things are working for you again.


John Rogers

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