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Good afternoon Mike and John; Me bugging you guys again.
Just finished an ECON flight from KMSP to KBDL, all went well , except 1/2 mile from the threshhold, I get that dreaded SPAACARS error, and off course the flight was not successful, UGH, 3 hrs flying and this.
I know all the flight parameters were right, I have been flying econ now for a while I think I understand how to setup my flights.
It has to be ACARS and Xplane, today I used the Zibo B-737-800,
Its not fun.



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1 year 3 months ago #17588 by chili
Replied by chili on topic ECON-2018
Ill probably get penalized for not completing the flight, since I'm not going to re do it today, lol

Thanks guys


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1 year 3 months ago - 1 year 3 months ago #17589 by jer029
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Hello Chili,

Yes,  if you check our compatibility chart ( link on the main page - the intro section that appears before you log in) SPAACARS has limited compatibility for Xplane in that users successfully post pireps, but it's functionality for Econ Module was questionable.  

That said, I make no assurances for Xplane because it's the one simulator that I don't own and test our software against - relying on user feedback as to what works and what doesn't regarding SPAACARS and Xplane.

I'm not sure what the "dreaded error" you refer to in your post is, but most of the SPAACARS errors have description as to what is wrong and how to fix it.  If it's a connection issue, generally reconnection will be automatic.  If it's a fuel, time or aircraft type error, these can be corrected by adjusting the simulator's settings to that described in the error message (at least for the fuel or time errors).  For the aircraft type error, that generally only shows if you change plane type mid-flight, and can be corrected by setting the plane back to the type you started with.  

This is the way things generally work for SPAACARS on the MSFS, FSX, P3d.  For Xplane and other simulators - I'm not sure. 

On related note with the freeware simulator, FlightGear, was tested for the listed functionality, but that is limited by the lack of standardization for aircraft systems and how the values of the plane's status are stored and accessed by 3rd party addons.  Also, I no longer have FlightGear on my system and it's been so long since I developed that version of SPAACARS in coordination with Oswald - our first FlightGear pilot, that I'd have a difficult time getting back up to speed should I need to upgrade SPAACARS functionality with FlightGear or fix any compatibility issues that may arise with later versions of FlightGear.

Hope this clears up any confusion and questions related to SPAACARS and the various simulators used here at St. Paul Airlines.


John Rogers
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