Congrats to active pilots

1 year 2 months ago #17307 by jer029
Just taking a periodic look at pilot activity, for last month (Dec 2021).  Congrats to Ron Real (MSP hub) and Richard (Smitty) Smith (MIA hub) for most hours and most sorties flown.  Also, special recognition to Robert (Junkyard Dog) Lacy for his "Most active new Pilot".  While he only flew two sorties this month, they were likely both with Larry's Group Flight and Social Hour and it's great to have another Group Flight member joining us on the Wednesday night flight and conversation fun.

Congrats to you Ron, Smitty and Yard-dog. 

With January 2022 nearing the close, we'll see if there're any changes.

Happy flying,


John Rogers

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1 year 1 month ago #17309 by SmittyBRS
Replied by SmittyBRS on topic Congrats to active pilots
TX for the kind words and recognition. It's really fun to blow the carbon out of the exhausts of some of my rather large selection of payware and freeware stuff.

Still using P3D4.5 and will probably pick up XPlane12 when they pull the trigger. Gonna hold off on the P3D5 until this summer and see if they actually decide to put out a version 6.

Just finishing up a trip around South America visiting all of the Capital cities. It's been a little strange doing a lot of Summer flying this time of year. Next....Australia!!!

Looking forward to Spring...later,


LOW & SLOW is the WAY to GO

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