SPAACARS 10.14 Released

1 month 2 days ago #17198 by jer029

I've made a small change to SPAACARS that should be particularly helpful to any pilots interested in flying the official Econ flights with MSFS.  I've recently noted that some of my aircraft have been displaying residual decimal values in the "Cargo" weight that doesn't appear in the simulator where payload weight is adjusted.  This can make it an exercise in frustration to get that decimal value to disappear, and it must in order for the flight to be accepted because the payload data (pax and cargo total) must be exactly as listed for the flight.  

Version 10.14 removes that residual decimal number, if any, and displays the only the integer value that should match the desired value listed in MSFS for the payload weight.

If you don't care about Econ Mode flights than you don't probably have to move from 10.13 to 10.14 at this point.

Hope this helps.

Happy flying,


John Rogers

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