New Pilot at the Miami Hub - Michael W.

5 months 2 weeks ago #16855 by jer029
Argh!   I've had varying alignment issues with ILS approach in the A320Neo, but usually minor and correctable.  Still, it's annoying and most likely a bug with the flight model or the sim itself.  Like any pilot, be prepared for the unexpected and handle it as best you can.  Many times TOGA action is the safest and the one we would choose in the real world.  But in simming, and after a long flight with dinner waiting...well, we'll often just "go for it" and put that bird down no matter what.  For most of our flights it's no big deal other than some embarrassment with a hard landing or crash posted on the Daily Arrivals area of our home page.  However,  with the MSP Center Econ flights...that translates into serious $$$ for your regional charter company - more excitement and challenge - and more fun.

Happy flying ,

John Rogers

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