Econ-2018 MSP Center Company Removal

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As I mentioned some time ago, I would be removing delinquent companies from the MSP Center listing for pilots who maintained delinquent balances.  I have now implemented an auto-delete process where companies with a negative balance greater than $10,000 will be removed from the company listing.  This also greatly affects the number of available flights to bid on - currently set to 1 more than the active companies listed.

Keep in mind - especially new companies with out a substantial bottom line, that your company could disappear with a few bad flights and crashes that can push you over the 10,000 limit.  I think that a missed flight (a flight you signed up for and didn't fly during the allowed time) will cost you $10,000 right off the bat.  This would mean the automatic removal of your company if you didn't have a balance and it pushed your loss greater than $10,000.

Also keep in mind that there is a monthy gate fee of $5,000 charged to each company, so don't just think your company will remain "in the black" without doing a MSP-Center flight now and again.

Pilots can always re-create their company if it's been deleted and they wish to begin flying MSP-Center flights again.

Expect the new flight lisitng, due around 1300 CDT, to have a greatly reduced flight selection with the now diminished company listing.

Happy flying,


John Rogers
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