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We'll be having the first of our Vancouver Seaplane Multiplayer Flights today. Hopefully we'll have more success now that our site operations have stabilized once again.

Larry and I hope to see all pilots interested in joining us for this friendly mulitplayer flight (no official aviation communication protocol knowledge necessary, we just have friendly banter over teamspeak). Downloading the JoinFS and Teamspeak addons necessary for this is very easy with very little setup to get things working.

Please let me know if you wish to join and have questions or problems (preferably before the day of the flight).

Happy flying,

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John Rogers

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1 year 1 month ago #16124 by Oswald
Replied by Oswald on topic Multiplayer Flight
FlightGear pilots:
As there are no seaplane bases in our scenery and the Beaver for whatever reason doesn't work with swift, I recommend starting at CYZT about 24 nm out well in advance, loading the FG flight plan from the multiplayer notice into your route manager and circle above CAV5 until the FSX/P3d pilots have started, than follow the other aircraft and your waypoints in the route manager.
Use swift and have fun. It is still somewhat experimental.
See you around,

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