Multiplayer Flight (and site status updates)

1 year 2 months ago #16103 by jer029

I've found that our Polls and Current Events modules were failing under the TLS 1.2 security upgrade. That was causing the display issues for non-logged in users. I've removed them and the main page display and missing right-side options have been restored.

There is still an issue where some pages don't display the main menu options and you have to use the Back 'arrow' on your browser to return to previous page. I'll look into that in due time.

Lastly, a reminder that we will be flying our seaplane multiplayer flight today at 1800 hours UTC (about 2.5 hours from now).

Thanks to Smitty for testing the new SPAACARS version 10.7 that seems to correct some SPAACARS connection issues with the new TLS 1.2

Pilots who cannot currently get the SPAACARS v 10.6 to work since the upgrade, please download and install the v10.7. Don't forget to move your spa.ini file to the new version of SPAACARS folder and also you may have to go into SPAACARS file settings and re-select that ini file location to get the green spa.ini indication to turn green.

Thanks, and hope to see you on the seaplane flight today.

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John Rogers

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