Swift Installation Instructions (and video tutorial)

1 year 2 months ago #16069 by jer029
Go to main menu under "Instructions" -> Swift Install Instructions to see picture-tutorial on how to install Swift client. I hope to set up an instructional video a bit later also.

Swift is an optional addon that will allow pilots to see FlightGear simulator pilots during multiplayer flights. Pilots who just use JoinFS will only be able to see other FSX/P3d pilots during multiplayer flights we offer here.

Happy flying,

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John Rogers

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1 year 2 months ago #16070 by Oswald
Hello John and all interested pilots,

this is great and many thanks to you, John, for the detailed instruction and all the work to get into this. I have a quite good idea how much time you have spent as I have done the same to get to know the Swift potential from FlightGear view. Not everything is easily self explaining.

May I add a few ideas as Flightgear pilot for Flightgear users?

- Swift only works from FlightGear 2020.x onwards

- very important for Flightgear pilots to check the Flightgear button in the swift setup process, as John put it.

- in the mapping tool: if you "force reload "FG"" you'll probably get all your aircraft as "Stored own models", i.e. the ones you have downloaded to your aircraft folder and the ones that are stored in your FlightGear 2020.x/data including the whole lot of AI aircraft.

- again in the mapping tool: while selecting the active model set (as far as I have found out up to now) it is only sensible to copy the models with a tick at "DB" and "mode", these are the ones that can be detected by the program on the server while flying together. It is no fault to copy the whole lot.

- for the typical SPA multiplayer flight the choice in the Swift Database for Flightgear is rather restricted (as compared to the huge variety of AI airliners), an alternative is suggested. Therefore you'll probably end up seeing other twins as PA 34 Seneca and singles as Cessna 172. Be prepared to have these downloaded beforehand.

- give it a try and have fun flying together with our SPA fellow pilots.


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1 year 2 months ago #16072 by jer029
Thanks Oswald,

Hopefully I can test out the combined Swift/JoinFS setup during the upcoming Multiplayer flight.

I have now added a video tutorial as I fumble my way through the install and setup process myself. That might be more helpful to SPA pilots who want to watch the tutorial rather than read through all the pictures I posted in the Swift instructions.

Again...this is still in the testing phase for me, and my hope is that P3d/FSX/Xplane pilots can have the option to fly with both JoinFS and Swift combination so that they can see all the P3d/FSX/Xplane aircraft and the FlightGear planes as well.

This will be the experimental part of the upcoming multiplayer flight for anyone else who wants to try swift addon option. It is perfectly fine to wait until we verify that this will work as hoped and simply fly just with FSJoin as we have on past multiplayer flights.


John Rogers

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