KMSP Center Update and Econ-2018 Module Quick-Start Video

2 years 2 months ago #17242 by jer029
As I've mentioned, I was working on a quick-start video for our Econ module so that pilots wouldn't have to wade through the written instructions.  Well, I've now added a link to a 30-minute video that's located at the top of the Econ-2018 Instructions.  This video covers a brief introduction to the overall Econ module, with a primary focus on the KMSP Center flight-bidding and flight set-up for flying the KMSP Center flights that are so much fun.

Additionally, I've completed the Regional Airline Logo update to the Regional Activity Reports page.  This update allows pilots to add their own custom airline logo to their regional airline.  I've created my own logo and have added it to my airline.  I've included some generic airline logos that can be chosen other than the default "grey wing" logo.  This is done through the "edit" button for your regional airline and just selecting the desired logo file.  If you don't like the one you've chosen, just change the logo at the same place.  Don't delete your airline though as it will delete all your regional data.  Of course, none of the regional data affects your logbook entries or your total hours here at SPA - only those recorded for your regional airline information on the Econ page.

If you're like me and wish to create or include your own logo, just email it to me and I can upload it so that it will be available for you to select.  This can be any jpg or png file that looks ok at the small scale depicted on the page.

The KMSP Center offers a new group of flight offerings automated to change every 12-hours (currently from 12:00 noon to Midnight CSDT).  With each automated update, the flights change and provide random passenger and cargo loads for each flight.  It's your job to select the appropriate plane to handle the payload and flight without overly hazarding your aircraft or under-loading your aircraft - which will result in a loss of revenue.  Along with this, there are penalties for landing with too little reserve fuel or carrying too much fuel other than the flight time and a 45-minute reserve.  Lastly, you must think like a real pilot - no more barrel-rolls and death-defying dives to the destination runway.  These things cause your passengers to bounce off the ceiling or be pinned to the floor, and they'll express their displeasure by screaming in fear - resulting in penalty costs to your bottom line of revenue for the flight.

This is great fun as it adds another level of realism to your flight, with you as the captain having to take all these factors into consideration from flight planning to touch-down at your destination.  Do well, and your passengers will compliment your flying ability and your soft landing.

If you have any questions, just add them to this post and/or email me.

Happy flying,


John Rogers

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