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Tried to send pirep, said data base error. 

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To be honest, I haven't tested FSACARS for a long time, as we have been using our own custom ACARS program, SPAACARS, to upload our pireps.

SPAACARS provides additional flight data, allowing additional flight options like our Econ flights. I think it's also easier to install than FSACARS.

I can look into whether FSACARS is still functional, as it's still on the site as a possible option, but I'm tempted to just pull it from the site at this point because it's so old it's relatively useless (doesn't load flight plans and doesn't contain sufficient data for Econ and other display options).

I did check the error log and I don't see an error entry for your pilot ID, so it's likely your computer didn't even make a successful connection using the FSACARS program.

Until we can work through your connection issues, you can enter any flights manually through the pilots office if they fail to submit through ACARS programs.


John Rogers
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