FBW A32NX (A320 Neo) works again with our Econ Module

3 weeks 2 days ago #17288 by jer029

I'm pleased to say I've finally figured out how to get the freeware module FlybyWire A320 Neo for MSFS to work with our Econ Module again.  The problem is to get the pax/cargo to show up on our ACARS program.  You must load the pax and cargo through the MCDU and then make any minor adjustments through the weight and balance area before starting ACARS.  In any case, make sure your plane is ready to fly and ACARS properly showing correct pax and cargo for your econ flight before actually signing up for the flight.  

The PAX and cargo loading process is unique to this freeware module.  Regular pax and cargo setting for default and most other aircraft is the same as FSX - basically setting the total payload equal to number of pax * 170 + cargo wgt. required by the flight.  That will allow you to set the correct pax number in ACARS and it should then calculate the correct cargo load so that both pax and cargo match the flight requirements.  See the Econ instructions for further.

I might also note that the FBW mod has a new tiller steering process that messes up the rudder-steering assistance option in the Sim.  This needs to be turned off if you have trouble steering the plane on the ground.  Again - specific to this realistic A32NX freeware addon.

I'll make a quick video on this process in the near future.

Happy flying,


John Rogers
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