A320Neo FlybyWire and our Econ Module

3 weeks 4 days ago #17202 by jer029

I've been able to get the A320Neo (FlybyWire version) to work with our Econ mode, but it takes a bit of setup.  I had a successful flight today, but for a tough time over the Rockies where the plane bucked like a bronco and scared my passengers to the tune of about $2000.  Still, I managed about a $3000 profit on a relatively short fight and a less than satisfactorily full payload.

Anyway, the problem is that the FBW A320 only updates the necessary payload data when it's done through the MCDU (Boarding) handler.  Unfortunately, the settings there are not fully functional, so you need to do the setup as follows:

Enter the fuel and payload via the sim's payload entry process.
When the sim puts your plane ready to fly, use the onboard ipad to set the pax to approximately that required for the required payload.
Go back to the sim's payload screen and make the minor adjustments to the payload so that it is correct for the flight and start SPAACARS to verify that the payload is correct.

I've found that I can adjust the payload on the sim's payload page while the A320 shows Pax loading in progress and SPAACARs recognizes these changes when SPAACARS is closed and restarted.  Once the payload (PAX and Cargo) in SPAACARS matches that required for the flight, just move on with the start of the flight - don't worry about the 'boarding' message on the MCDU.  As long as SPAACARS sees the correct payload, the Econ Flight will function correctly and be accepted as a valid Econ flight as long as the rest of the data is correct.

This applies only to the A32NX (A320neo project from FlybyWire).  The other planes don't have this issue.  But for those who love the FBW A320N, it's worth the extra fiddling.

On an unrelated note, I've been exploring the use of Simbrief as my flight planning software because it is integrated with the A320neo mod for FlyByWire.  It's free, and I highly recommend it.  I'm giving up my high-priced Foreflight program in favor of this.  There is the cost for Navigraph's updated flights charts, but I was doing that anyway, so it was easy for me to establish an account with Simbrief with the most updated flight charts.

If there are additional developments that might make things a bit easier, I'll be sure to update this thread, but it's been great to fly with the A320Neo again.

Happy flying,


John Rogers

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