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7 months 1 week ago #16980 by BillMan4
Amy J's Challenge was created by BillMan4
I tried to log a PIREP for Amy J's Challenge leg #910029...would not accept as a valid PIREP. Had to make PIREP #as 7697110029 which was accepted. Is this correct? I assume Amy J's Challenge is no longer an active flight sim tour on SPA.. I still have about 25-30 legs left to complete Amy J's Challenge. Is it OK to continue filing PIREPS in this manner? Thanks!

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7 months 1 week ago #16981 by jer029
Replied by jer029 on topic Amy J's Challenge
Hello Bill,

Those old flights no longer exist because Yoland erased them all in violation of our rules when he abruptly left our airline. You can only fly them by using your user-defined flight number as you have been doing. At some point we might consider adding these flights back, integrated into our official schedule database so that they will be accepted as a filed PIREP.

Only those flight numbers listed in our official schedule are acceptable PIREP flights and must have the correct origin and destination ORI as shown in the official schedule to be accepted.


John Rogers

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7 months 5 days ago #16991 by BillMan4
Replied by BillMan4 on topic Amy J's Challenge
Ok. Thanks for letting me know. Since I have all these flights listed I think I will continue to fly them and will file PIREP as "user-defined". Thanks again for setting me straight. I do remember Yoland leaving I just didn't realize the entire flight had been "wiped out"! That was a real bummer!

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