fisrt flight for here how

11 months 4 hours ago #16765 by jyarddog
I am looking for instructionson how to do my first flight here and then log it to pireps Bob

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11 months 3 hours ago - 11 months 3 hours ago #16766 by jer029
Replied by jer029 on topic fisrt flight for here how
Welcome Dog!

Two ways

1.  Manually through the pilot's office #21 Post your pirep
2.  Automatically through our SPAACARS program.  This is downloaded from our Download area under Enhancements and then Utilities.  You'd want SPAACARS10.12 for FSX/P3D/FS2020 I'm guessing.  Also in our Main menu under "Instructions" SPAACARS Instructions is a pictorial step by step instruction on how to install it and then the Econ-2018 instructions there regarding Econ-mode and Econ flights with our SPAACARS program.

Just post a forum note if you need further help and the hub managers, other pilots or I will be able to help further.

Make sure you have FSUIPC for your simulator because SPAACARS needs it.

Happy flying,


John Rogers
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10 months 4 weeks ago #16778 by airhogg
Welcome to the SPA. Bob. You will find a big difference from the airline you have been flying all these years to this one. In my opinion, our Webmaster John, has gone beyond and above to keep this airline above your average V.A. and continuing to do so on a daily basis. There`s tons of thing here to keep you flying so if you need any help, just ask.
l got to work on getting Jim to sign up next....


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