A320neo fixed...not really

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Ok, so I've been flying this with the last two patches from Mircosoft - both of the latest patches mentioned fixing the rocking of the A320, yet today I found that it still had an annoying lateral rocking, though not as bad as before the correction attempts of the last two patches. Yikes...two attempts to fix this and still not fixed? These guys aren't the same folks fixing the Boeing 737 Max I hope.

Fortunately disabling the SEC1 on the flight computer on the left-side overhead panel still stops the sea-sickness inducing roll, which seems to be exacerbated by a significant crosswind. I did notice a possible improvement in the climb to FL390 after the latest patch, but I'm not sure that is yet where it should be or even if it was just fortuitous based on random weight, balance and wind direction and speeds.

Regardless, I managed to get my 125 passengers safely from San Antonio to Minneapolis without giving them any indication of my concerns about the stability of the aircraft, normal weather issues, or my inexperience landing this thing smoothly.

With an average landing rate and a long flight with a fairly heavy load of passengers and cargo, I was not only rewarded by satisfied passengers but by a healthy increase to Rogers Air's bottom line for the flight. All-in-all a good day for me and my airline.

Watch out Aklak Air, we've now passed you up to take second place as profitable airline behind the appropriately-named Hogg's Air. While I probably won't necessarily aim for first place, it's been great fun bringing Rogers Air back to life at Minneapolis Center (Econ-2018).

This is great fun for pilots wishing to add some additional challenge to their flights. Pick the right plane and the right flight for it and then add some good piloting and fuel planning and you can put your airline company on the books as a competitive airline in the Minneapolis Center marketplace. :dance:

John Rogers
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