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Instructions on how to add forum signature icons (other than Adventure Packs)

Photo Editing Software

First, you will need to have a photo editing software (your default paint program won't work for this I don't think). I will recommend (and demonstrate with) a freeware program, PhotoScape, that can be downloaded Here.

Getting your awards from the Awards page

To select the awards to use for your icons, go to your awards at the Awards Page near the bottom of the main menu under "Members" -> "Awards". Select your name from the dropdown list and your awards will appear. Right click on the first award you want as an icon select "Save picture as" from the dropdown menu that appears as shown below. In this pic I have selected the 2019 Contributing Member Award as my first selection for my signature icon and right-clicked mouse button to get the dropdown menu. Now I click "Save picture as" to save the image to my computer.

Getting your image into PhotoScape

Open PhotoScape, and from the main screen, click on the "Editor" (not the "Batch Editor") tab at the top of the page as shown below:

From the "Editor" screen, select the folder where you saved your image from the Awards Page in the left-top window of the editor and then select the image from the left-bottom window as shown:

After selecting the image as described above, you should see the image in the main editor window as shown below. You should resize this image to be the best size for an icon photo by clicking the "Resize" button that I've circled in red as shown below. Click the button NOT the dropdown arrow so that you get the most options.

From the resize popup, select a size that is best-suited for a signature icon. From the pic shown below, I have opted for 50x47px as the best size for the icon. Click "OK" button when you're satisfied with the size.

Now save your resized image by clicking the "save" button lower-right of screen - shown in red circle below. Choose "Save as" from popup as shown in green circle below. This will allow you to save the image as a new file with the name and in the location you choose.

Follow the same process for any additional awards you want until you have all your resized awards saved together. Make sure to save them all as the same size. You might have to re-adjust the width and height separately to get them exactly the same. You can do this by un-clicking the "Preserve aspect ratio" checkbox in the resize popup. This will allow you to change the width or the height without it affecting the other.

I chose the Contributing Member 2019 award as my second icon and saved it along with the first icon to my desktop, naming them icon1.jpg and icon2.jpg respectively. Now go to the Combine tab at the top of the editor (shown in the gold circle). This will open the window for combining your icons. My desktop folder is still the correct folder, so I choose the two icon files I just created (shown in the purple circle), and drag them to the main window. They may appear to be one on top of the other when you first do this. To position your icons side-by-side, click on the "Side" tab (Shown in the Red circle).

The "Side" tab also opens many options (Shown in the Green Circle). I have set my margin color to "White" and the outer margin to "5" as shown. I've set the "Intervals of photos" to "7". This makes the nice spacing between the photos as shown below.

Now click the save button in the upper-right corner of the screen and save the file with the name you want to upload to your album for your signature file. I saved mine as "awardsig.jpg".

Now you can upload your combined awards icon jpg file up to your photo gallery. Once the pic is in your gallery, click on the photo from within your gallery album (not from the main webpage, but in the gallery (Under the Main Menu -> Lounge -> Photos). Once you click on the photo you should see a smaller version of your photo that shows "View Full Size" when you hover your mouse cursor over the pic as shown:

Right-click on this image so that you don't go to the full-size image, but get the dropdown menu to select "Copy Link" as shown:

Once you choose "copy link", the link is copied to your "clipboard" and can be pasted to whatever location you want. We will add it to our forum signature.

Log into SPA website and go to "Your Account" under "Who's Online" near the bottom of the main menu. From there choose "Edit your information". Near the bottom of your information you will find the Forum Signature area as shown:

The above setting is difficult to see because the line 'wraps around' to the next. I've included the actual text as it is entered shown below - with explanation following:

First, I have my signature "jer029". Next, I have my first image. This is the Adventure Pack Icons as described on the Adventure Pack page (you don't need this unless you have adventure awards you want in signature). Lastly, I have the newly created image of my two icons. Note where it says 'src="http://..."'. This is where you will paste the link you copied from your gallery image under the "Copy link" step a little while ago. Just clear the information between the two double-quote marks like src="", put your cursor between the two quotes, right-click to get the popup menu and choose "Paste". This should paste your image link between the quote marks so it should look like mine does above, only with your album name and link information to your photo. Note that I added a height adjustment to the image tag 'height="45px"'. This adjusts the height down a bit because it was bigger than my Adventure Pack icons. I think this happened when I increased the margins when combining the icons. Both height and width can be similarly adjusted to control the size of your icons without having to repeat the steps above. Simply add the height setting as shown, and if necessary, a width="50px" setting, changing the numbers up or down as desired.

When you're done, click the "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page to save your new forum signature. Then open a forum post you made and you should see your updated signature. Mine is shown below, including my name "jer029", my Adventure Pack icons image that I added following the directions at the Adventure Pack page, and lastly, the two new icons that I created following the directions above.

As always, I'm just an email away if you get stuck and need additional help.

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