Example 2 - fuel/payload settings for my DHC-6 in P3d v4 for ECON-2018 flight 600000.

Note that the takeoff wgt = the max gross wgt. This causes SPAACARS to show '0' cargo capacity remaining in the 'cargo capacity' field.

Note the distribution of the pax and cargo weight according to Aerosoft's payload dispersion defined in the payload area. Pilot and copilot count as pax in SPAACARs, so to get my necessary 15-pax for this flight, I've added 3-pax to rows 1 thru 4 at 170 lbs. each (510 for each row) plus 170 lbs in row 5, which added to the copilot and pilot covers the remaining 3 pax needed for this flight's 15-pax.


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