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Start ::  Pilot's Lobby ::  Important Announcements/Welcome/Achievements ::  Ketchikan Center (Econ-2018) is Open
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Ketchikan Center (Econ-2018) is Open

jer029 Posted: 10.08.2019, 16:16


registered: Nov. 2011
Posts: 978

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last visit: 21.08.19

I'm pleased to say that the RTMM-linked Econ-2018 center (Ketchikan Center) is now open with the first flight group.  Note that this requires the RTMM scenery and therefore will only work for FSX/P3D simulators.  I've yet to update the instruction page for Ketchikan Center, but it's similar to the other Econ flight settings with SPAACARS.

Note that this first group consists of the RTMM Medical Dispatch flights ie. the rescue flights.  In addition to the main downloads for the Medical Dispatch, there is also a possible scenery requirement for each dispatch, depending on whether you have already downloaded the RTMM scenery area involved in the dispatch.

The directions for download/install is at RTMM at the link provided at Ketchikan Center page.  Also the flight information (Dispatch pdf files) are there also.  Ketchikan Center has a brief description of the flights and approximate distances.  It also has the PAX and Cargo weight required for the flight to be counted as an Econ-2018 flight for Ketchikan Center.  Since Econ mode flights auto send the PIREP upon landing, each dispatch has been divided into multiple flights.  It's important that you get the correct flight number for it to record as an official Econ flight.

I've done the first flight already so that I would have test data to ensure that the new code was working.  Profits are tight to non-existent on some of these medical flights.  I would have turned a profit if not for the bad landing and shaking the passengers around.  I also lost on the return flight because I took a shortcut over the mountains rather than the safer route through the valley.  Depending on your weather conditions and how long you fly to and from the destination, you can still make a profit on the flight, but the main think is to complete the rescue safely.  I also had too much fuel on board, which also hurt my profitability.

The flight I did registers at the Ketchikan Center page.  This was the first "fixed wing" dispatch at RTMM.  Note that our flight numbering is slightly different than those listed at RTMM.  You must use our flight numbers listed on the Ketchikan Center flight schedule to get flight to register as an official Econ flight.  As with the other Econ flights, it will also register as a regular flight for you in your logbook.  The pictures I posted earlier were also of this first Medical Dispatch flight.

There's 29 flights in Ketchikan Center's Group-1 flights.  Upon completion of all 29 flights, a completion award will automatically be added to your awards page (if the flights have correct pax and cargo settings and flight numbers - and if I have the coded it correctly).

Most importantly, enjoy these flights - great scenery, great location, and wonderful adventures to fly.

Any problems or questions, email me or post to forum.  If it's something specific with the RTMM stuff, you can always check with them, but I can probably help with some of those issues too.


edited by: jer029, Aug 10, 2019 - 04:39 PM

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