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Start ::  Special Ops Division ::  Bush Operations Notices ::  SPA Rocky Mtn VFR Round Robin
Moderated by: Yoland


SPA Rocky Mtn VFR Round Robin

wschneid Posted: 01.08.2019, 10:28

registered: Oct. 2014
Posts: 88

Status: offline
last visit: 01.08.19

I have completed the Rocky Mtn Tour. It was fun, but challaging sometimes. I use Sky Blue or Magascenery for all the states covered, except New Mexico. I messed up the numbering by one flight and didn't notice it until the last few flights. Is there some award for completing this tour? If so, how do I add it to me signature.

Bill Schneider

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jer029 Posted: 01.08.2019, 17:58


registered: Nov. 2011
Posts: 978

Status: offline
last visit: 21.08.19

First, congratulations on completing one of Yoland's challenging Bush Operations.  Unfortunately, Yoland has not been very active lately, and may not respond to your post in a timely fashion.  I will try to answer best as I can unless or until he responds.  From looking at his awards section (separate from our main awards page), I'm not seeing any awards for the Rocky Mountain Tour.  I'm also not seeing any mention of it in his description area for that tour.  Therefore I'm guessing that there is no award for that particular tour.

For those that he does have awards for.  Those must be added manually to your forum signature.  Only the "Adventure Pack" adventures listed on the Adventure Packs page under Special Operations have awards that are automatically added to your awards page and can be automatically added to your signature as you've done in the past with those adventures.

For any of Yoland's awards that you wish to add to your signature, please check under "Instructions" on our main menu at the left of this page.  At the bottom of that listing you'll see the link called "Forum Signature Icons".  That will describe in great detail how to obtain free photo editing software and how to use it to modify images to add them to your forum signature.

If you need further help with that process, as always, just let me know.


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