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Edmonton routes

Anonymous Posted: 27.11.2018, 01:03
Unregistered User Any chance we can get the Calgary  CYYC  routes duplicated for Edmonton  CYEG??

also the one route we have for CYXD  Edmonton Municipal should be removed
CYXD is no longer an airport - its a housing development.

jer029 Posted: 27.11.2018, 12:48


registered: Nov. 2011
Posts: 931

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last visit: 23.04.19
Hello Mark,

1 regarding duplication of CYYC routes

If you're referring to those listed in the schedule database for CYYC as origin airport, you'll note that the majority of those flights were for the Freight Section (which appears to have been a type of specialized hub back in 2006).  That specialized hub is no longer utilized as a separate managed hub position because we've had a difficult time just keeping our current positions and hubs staffed.  It's up to the hub managers whether they wish to include your route request in their flight schedule listing.  If there is an interest by a particular hub manager, they may contact me for assistance in duplicating that flight group if they don't wish to add each flight individually through the menu-driven option available to hub managers.

2.  Regarding the removal of a flight for a non-existent airport.  As a rule, we generally don't change flight schedules due to real-world airport changes because they tend not to change in FSX (and I think sometimes even in P3d that shares FSX original database).  While FTX-Global addons change this to real-world environment in many cases, leaving the routes as they are allows pilots with older simulations, or without additional addons, to continue to fly to those airports.  If you find that your flight is disrupted due to a missing airport based on your current simulator setup, the general rule here at SPA has been to treat it as an unexpected diversion to a nearby airport such as would occur in the real-world due to weather or other unexpected event that makes the planned destination unavailable.


edited by: jer029, Nov 27, 2018 - 04:28 PM

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