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Start ::  Pilot's Lobby ::  Important Announcements/Welcome/Achievements ::  Finally I am back in the company
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Finally I am back in the company

Yoland Posted: 20.09.2018, 12:26


registered: Jul. 2008
Posts: 1382

Status: offline
last visit: 18.01.19


After the death of my beloved wife in July last year (2017) following a long illness, I was so tired that had to rebuild myself. I completely took care of her in our home during more than 2 years. It was somewhat painful, but I am so happy to have been able to accompany her daily until the end.
Being left alone, I felt the urge to live again and to meet old friends, people, visit other countries, to bring joy, pleasure and happiness to the rest of my life
It might well be short as I am already 76 years old.
But I am still in good shape, fit, and after 15 months of “convalescence” I guess that my brain still works well enough to allow me to position myself for a new career within St Paul Airlines.
As I did in the past, I am ready to develop new flight challenges in my favorite fields : flying low and slow over beautiful and challenging landscapes, visiting  short grassy airstrips looking for adventures…
It will take me a few days until being fully operational. I have to reinstall everything on my computer (I already begun but with the ton of addons that I have collected through years of flight simulation it is taking some time…).
Anyway, I will quickly be active!
Kind regards to all my old friends in the VA, and I look forward to meeting all the new pilots who joined the gang since I took a break.

Yoland from sunny Switzerlandcool


edited by: Yoland, Sep 20, 2018 - 07:28 PM

Yoland Grosjean from Switzerland - SPA 348
- CEO St Paul Airlines VA (ceo@stpaulairlines.com)
- Special Operations manager
- SPA Fleet manager
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Anonymous Posted: 20.09.2018, 12:50
Unregistered User Welcome back, and i am sorry for your loss.
Hopefully she can relax in first class on your many flights to come.

I am new here and have been enjoying your work. 
I also have some new tours - probably more on the jet side that i think would make a good addition here.
I hope to talk soon - i usually check on teamspeak - hopefully more people do so now as well.

jer029 Posted: 20.09.2018, 13:34


registered: Nov. 2011
Posts: 948

Status: offline
last visit: 21.05.19
Welcome back Yoland, it's great to hear from you again.

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bill721 Posted: 20.09.2018, 13:36


registered: May. 2015
Posts: 85

Status: offline
last visit: 17.03.19
Yoland, I also lost my Wife years ago and only time can heal the loss.  Glad your back.

edited by: bill721, Sep 20, 2018 - 01:40 PM

Bill Ditz
PID 33
VATSIM Call Sign SPA302

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bbuske Posted: 20.09.2018, 14:55

registered: Aug. 2018
Posts: 83

Status: offline
last visit: 27.09.18
Welcome back.
Sorry for your loss. I have read about you, but I don´t know you. I hope that will change now.
Good to have you back again!


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Westcoast Posted: 20.09.2018, 15:37


registered: Jan. 2006
Posts: 1001

Status: offline
last visit: 21.05.19
Welcome back Yoland.


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Anonymous Posted: 20.09.2018, 21:51
Unregistered User Hello Yoland,

Glad to meet you!

Welcome back, I look forward to flying with you sometime!
bilson Posted: 21.09.2018, 07:12


registered: Apr. 2017
Posts: 104

Status: offline
last visit: 01.05.19
Welcome back Yoland and my sincere condolences for you lost. 

edited by: bilson, Sep 21, 2018 - 07:12 AM

Bill Carlson #660
MSP Hub Mgr
VATSIM Call Sign SP660
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airhogg Posted: 21.09.2018, 11:24

registered: Feb. 2010
Posts: 75

Status: offline
last visit: 28.02.19
Welcome back Yoland. 

We kind missed you over here. Sorry to hear about your wife.  In your absence, Mike and John have been doing one hell of a job keeping the airline operation
at top notch. Now that your are back at that helm, it can only get better. 

SPA 439-Larry
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SPA031 Posted: 22.09.2018, 11:50


registered: Jan. 2006
Posts: 1151

Status: offline
last visit: 15.05.19
Glad you are back old friend. I am just 71 now and still enjoying my flight simulator and posting on St. Paul Airlines.
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wschneid Posted: 24.09.2018, 13:10

registered: Oct. 2014
Posts: 87

Status: offline
last visit: 17.04.19
Welcome back.

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Dano Posted: 07.10.2018, 05:31


registered: Apr. 2011
Posts: 22

Status: offline
last visit: 07.10.18
Good Day Yoland:

Sorry for what you have gone through these past two plus years, and the passing of your good Wife.

I punched the "Retirement Ticket" ---but a friend (Barry Stoner) recently joined SPA and guess I will be signing up again as well, for another SPA run. Turning 81 in 4 months.

We are fortunate to have you on our Team, you have done yeoman work for our VA for many years and exemplify the dedication and ongoing effort required to maintain an  effective VA. As noted in an earlier post there are many Folks that step up and keep SPA flowing forward, but anyone cruising these pages, will always be impressed by the volume of work you have done over the years.

Kind Regards


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