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Start ::  Special Ops Division ::  Special Ops Online Multiplayers Flights ::  First SPA multiplayer flight by Flightgear pilots
Moderated by: Yoland


First SPA multiplayer flight by Flightgear pilots

Oswald Posted: 04.09.2018, 17:55

registered: Oct. 2017
Posts: 60

Status: offline
last visit: 10.04.19
Hi pilots, I'd like to briefly report on the first multiplayer flight by Flightgear pilots, Joe and me, in Scotland and Northern England (Inverness EGPE to Newcastle EGTN).

First thing: It was real fun, nice weather, nice scenery, very nice company.

Second: SPA servers didn't work for us, we met via standard Flightgear multiplayer server. Also the teamspeak connection didn't work (stating that it needed an older TS version), with mumble everything was fine.

Third: Although I have downloaded Joe's SPA livery, I wasn't able to see it on his B1900d. The reason might be that I have more than one version of the aircraft, I shall concentrate on the one with the correct livery next time.

I did not log the flight as an SPA flight. Is there a possibility to do so for spontaneous multiplayer flights?

I am pretty sure that we will carry on with it, maybe other FG pilots might join in the future. Ben, let me know if you are interested!

Question: are people using the commercial flight simulators like FSX, P3dv4 or X-Plane able to fly together in a common "world"?

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Anonymous Posted: 04.09.2018, 18:21
Unregistered User This was also my first multiplayer experience in any flight simulator and it was really a lot of fun.

It was a great flight with great scenery (I posted a few pics) and great company.

Hope we can make this fairly regular and that the other FG pilots will join us for future flights, I'm interested to hear where everybody would be interested in flying.

Oswald, I do know that FSX and P3D users can fly together via FSHost but I'm not sure about X-Plane pilots...

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