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Adventure Pack 10 is Released

jer029 Posted: 10.01.2018, 12:55


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Hello Pilots,

For those of you who wish to add some adventure to your SPA flights, I've now released AP10 for use.  This latest adventure is a lot less download/install effort than AP9 was (If you could handle AP9, you can handle anything I'll throw at you wink).  This latest Adventure Pack has been tested with both FSX and P3dv4.

AP10 is another air/sea rescue adventure, this time taking you from the warm waters of the Gulf Coast to the frigid waters of Alaska.  The first part of the adventure has you rescuing the oil rig workers from the Deep Sea Horizon, another true event recreated for your flying enjoyment.  Read about it on the Adventure Pack page (see link under main menu->special operations).  Note, you have to scroll down the upper frame to the very end of the list to see the latest adventure pack for details or use your mouse wheel while hovering over that part of the page.

The second part of the adventure has you rescuing the passengers from the cruise ship, Prinsendam, off the coast of Sitka Alaska.  This is also a true event where the ship had an engine fire that got out of control causing the ship to eventually sink.

There's some instructions included in the zip file, but it's very easy:

-Install the library and the scenery the same way you do any other scenery addon using your sim's scenery library.
-Move the fx files to your sim's effects folder
-Move the wav file to your sim's sound folder

There's some video instructions under Instructions heading of the main menu, but most of you know how to add scenery to your sim.  It was for AP9, but might help those new to scenery-adding if you get stuck.  Just ignore the non-applicable stuff that pertains just to AP9.

That's it, so then go and fly, but be sure to read the scenarios on the Adventure Pack page first so you know what to do.  You'll note that these adventures don't include a flight plan to the accident sites.  You must follow the headings given in the scenarios to find the sites, so calculate for those crosswinds depending on how your weather is set.

Each scenario takes about 2.5 to 3 hours to complete.

As always, let me know of any questions or problems you have regarding all of this.  I'm always willing to help fellow adventurers yes.


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