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Start ::  Pilot's Lobby ::  Important Announcements/Welcome/Achievements ::  New Pilots Award Page Open
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New Pilots Award Page Open

jer029 Posted: 27.10.2017, 20:38


registered: Nov. 2011
Posts: 822

Status: offline
last visit: 16.10.18

The new renovated awards page has been activated banana.  I'll continue to make additions and improvements to it, but it currently will display pilot information and awards for Flight Hours and Adventure Packs.


Also available under Main Menu->Members->Awards.

I will soon be moving the old "Hub Awards" to the "Activity" area where it probably fits better.


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airhogg Posted: 29.10.2017, 01:50

registered: Feb. 2010
Posts: 71

Status: offline
last visit: 21.09.18

just checked your Service Award page, l love it. With one click of the mouse all my hours and awards are displayed,
and  professionally done too. I`ve never really thought about the award page since, l just love to fly, whether, flying cross country, commercially or doing those amazing adventure packs of yours. But now that you have revamped this page, it`s nice to be recognize for having completing all those flights and missions. Definitely, two thumbs up

439 Larry     
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jer029 Posted: 30.10.2017, 19:28


registered: Nov. 2011
Posts: 822

Status: offline
last visit: 16.10.18
Thanks Larry!

The awards page update is one of a number of 'irons in the fire' here at SPA.  The awards page is a "work in progress" like many things here at SPA.  Eventually I intend to set up a menu-driven award upload for the Hub Managers to create and upload their own awards to this area.  Right now I'm finishing the conversion of 'legacy awards' to the new award page in an effort to preserve our history here at SPA.  Occasionally we get some past members who find their way back home and like what they see here  - right Jim A.?

Other projects in the works:

- I'm waiting to release the latest Adventure Pack (AP-9) while I work on some other things.  Pilots interested in the Adventure Packs need simulators that can handle FSX scenery.  This includes all versions of P3d - including v4.

- Some update to SPAACARS - fixes to some minor issues and some major changes to accommodate a new Econ Mod update.

- Econ Mod Update - Yes...I'm finally getting around to making the Econ Mod a fun challenge for pilots who might tire of just flying from point-A to point-B.  Unfortunately, this offering is only available to FSX and P3d users, as it requires the use of SPAACARS.  I will be archiving the current Econ flights when the new Econ Mod is activated.  This will be similar to the FSPassenger business model where you fly your plane and generate income for cargo/passengers carried.  Crashes (hard landings) will hurt your bottom line, as will excess G-forces and excess fuel on board.  This will all add to the fun and make it competitive for pilots wishing to test their piloting skills.  We'll start small at first this time - limiting to the Bush Flight Econ Cargo/Freight flights that Yoland set up.  I'm still working on the details of this to ensure fairness for participants.


edited by: jer029, Oct 30, 2017 - 07:47 PM

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skywagon Posted: 30.10.2017, 20:17

registered: Oct. 2017
Posts: 18

Status: offline
last visit: 29.07.18
Right you are John ....tons of flights on here and sure appreciate it.....I downloaded the new p3d4 and really getting to like it.....no computer crashes yet and thats one thing I'm pretty good at. I previously had p3d2 and this p3d4 is a major improvement. I dont know how you do it but greatly appreciated and yoland is pretty computer saavy also. I did a flight and had my altimeter set to 6500 ft and after about 15 min was losing power in the caravan and couldnt throttle up ......figured oh oh broke already....after a few minues of cursing I looked at the altimeter and it read 16,000 ft ....scratch scratch .....i had set altimeter to 65,000 ft ......lol.
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