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Coming Attractions

jer029 Posted: 24.10.2017, 16:46


registered: Nov. 2011
Posts: 822

Status: offline
last visit: 16.10.18

I'm pleased to say that a new adventure pack (AP9) is soon to be released.

Additionally, I'm 'remodeling' our Pilot's Awards Page.

Watch for these changes in the very near future.


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SPA031 Posted: 26.10.2017, 09:52


registered: Jan. 2006
Posts: 1119

Status: offline
last visit: 12.10.18
Thanks jer for all you do for us.

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jer029 Posted: 26.10.2017, 16:25


registered: Nov. 2011
Posts: 822

Status: offline
last visit: 16.10.18
You too Robert!

And thanks for flying again.


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jer029 Posted: 03.11.2017, 20:22


registered: Nov. 2011
Posts: 822

Status: offline
last visit: 16.10.18
Good evening Pilots:

I just wanted to give an update on the current projects I've been working very hard on lately, and I believe they are soon to be ready for release.


As mentioned - this will always be a "work in progress", as new adventures will require new awards.  Still, the basic award page is complete.  I still need to add some legacy awards I would like to keep.  I also need to add a menu-driven award option so that SPA managers can add their own awards to this page.  That will be in the future yet.

SPAACARS/Economics Module Updates:

This is a very exciting project, and one that has consumed much of my time recently.  While restructuring the Econ Mod, I had to make necessary changes to SPAACARS.  In the process, I discovered some issues along the way - including a threading issue with SPAACARS that might have resulted in false disconnect/reconnect signals.  Fortunately SPAACARs would automatically 'reconnect' and continue on - so this was not a problem except for the occasional alert noise from SPAACARS.  Regardless - that problem has been identified and corrected in the next release, as well as some efficiency improvements and necessary changes to accommodate the new Econ Mod platform.

Econ Mod Restructuring:

Much work has gone into reconfiguring this module in such a way that it can provide a relatively fair platform for pilots to fly and compete to some extent with other pilots.  This module is almost complete, and I've been testing it for the past few days along with the required interaction with SPAACARS - which will be required for pilots wishing to use the Econ Module.

The Econ page is located under the Main Menu -> Economics - Cargo Econ Page.  Feel free to visit this page and have a look around - including the new instructions that are linked to that page and also available at the Main Menu.

I have to fiddle with the SQL statements to handle the new flight displays and remove the current flight data so that everyone starts fresh with the new system.  The  "Econ Flights Page" at the top of the Economics Section of the Main Menu will be removed and the Cargo Econ page will be the 'go-to' place for Econ Flights.  Note:  This only affects the display of old Econ flight data, and will not affect your past PIREP entries or Logbook flights and hourly totals.  First, I have to set up the Flight Schedule - using Yoland's Econ Cargo flight plans listed in the Bush section, but with some adjustments to the Flight Numbers.  Finally then I have to look at adding an Awards section for these flights as described in the Instructions.

Adventure Pack 9:
This is pretty much ready to go - but I need to get the Adventure added to the page and the files set for downloading.  I've postponed this release until I get that Econ Mod off the ground.

Expect the new Econ Mod and updated SPAACARS release in the next few days if all goes according to plan.


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