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Start ::  Pilot's Lobby ::  Suggestions/tips/comments ::  P3Dv3 Aircraft not starting
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P3Dv3 Aircraft not starting

SPA031 Posted: 13.08.2017, 13:33


registered: Jan. 2006
Posts: 1132

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last visit: 21.01.19
I ran across an issue where I could not start an aircraft in P3Dv3. This never happened to me before. I tried loading other aircraft and the same issue prevailed. No matter what aircraft I tried, there was no way to start it. My fuel tanks were full by the way. I just could not start any aircraft I loaded.
But, instead of doing something drastic, like kicking my PC down the stairs, I found a solution .I Just loaded the default P3Dv3 scenario and then, using that as a starting point, I created a new scenario and saved it. Voila! Smilie banana
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