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Start ::  Pilot's Lobby ::  Important Announcements/Welcome/Achievements ::  SPAACARS Version 5.3 Available for Download
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SPAACARS Version 5.3 Available for Download

jer029 Posted: 07.08.2017, 11:41


registered: Nov. 2011
Posts: 749

Status: offline
last visit: 29.05.18
Updated SPAACARS 5.3

*  Fixes P3d v4 aircraft model, type, registration fields display in SPAACARS
* Adds "Use Sys Date/Time" Option that automatically sets SPAACARS Local date and time fields to current system date and time for Pirep uploads regardless of sim date/time.

Use same SPAACARS download from downloads menu - copy new files over old files.  New Version should show 5.3 in "About" from SPAACARS menu if installed correctly.



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Anonymous Posted: 09.08.2017, 00:11
Unregistered User Thanks John, installed the update and everything seems to be functioning normally.  No more gibberish planes on pireps. How are you liking P3Dv4? I just finished a round the world flight in 3 segments in a 777-300ER. Love the stable platform!! Thanks again, Jim will appreciate this as well!
Scott Sinclair
jer029 Posted: 09.08.2017, 09:00


registered: Nov. 2011
Posts: 749

Status: offline
last visit: 29.05.18
Thanks for the input Scott.  I'm still testing things myself (P3d v4 and fixes to SPAACARS) running with it.  It's certainly easier to fix things when I'm using the same simulator.  As for P3d v4, I remain convinced that this simulator will be the primary sim used in the future as a replacement for FSX. 

While I wait for the many developers to convert their aircraft to v4 formats (and choose not to add many questionable addons to my system like many have done), I did order the new Aerosoft CRJ 700/900 so that I could have at least one jet to fly while I wait for many of the others I currently own to be upgraded.  Unfortunately it remains plagued by CTD errors that brings P3d down without error message.  I'm currently waiting for their latest hotfix due any time that is their latest effort to fix this. 

I've also tried to use my Saitek switch and radio panels, but believe they've been causing crash problems.  I've downloaded a new addon that is supposed to make these work, but haven't tried to install it yet.

With my 3 monitor set-up I still have framerates down around 20 fps so I have to take care not to do things that further drop these rates.  Still, even at the lower frame rates, v4 runs more smoothly than fsx did at similar fsp I think, and I certainly have higher settings in p3d before getting to those low framerates.  Even with my CTD error issues with various addons, I believe that p3d is (and will continue to be) more stable than the old FSX - and will continue to improve since it's still being maintained.

I miss ATC, and have tried to use the default ATC with v4, but it is currently interfering with my Saitek throttle setup (unrelated to the issues with the radio and switch panel).  The throttle setup works correctly out of the box with v4, and it has 3 rocker switches (6 positions) that I use with EZdok camera to quickly switch views.  I've set these through fSUIPC to use shift-1 through shift-6 as the key commands to the various views.  Unfortunately when I start ATC in v4 the buttons for changing the screen start bringing up ATC and selecting the various ATC options.  Not sure why it does this because I believe the ATC options are straight num key ie. "1" not "shift-1".  This eventually causes what I believe to be memory overwrites, as future switching brings up the flight plan menu.  Eventually p3d crashes entirely.  I'm not sure if the problem is with v4 ATC, Ezdok, FSUIPC, Saitek, or a combination of them.  Ideally, I'd like to change the settings for ATC key commands in v4, but this doesn't not appear to be possible.  By not using ATC things behave normally without error.  But the crashing seems to occur with both my B1900D and the CRJ, so it's not a CRJ addon issue.

The bottom line is that everything is so new - including old favorite addons - regardless of how they are implemented on v4, it will likely be a while until everything is figured out and running smoothly.  Also, the more complex system you run (additional monitors, controls, etc.) the more difficult the transition can be to get everything to play nice with each other again.

Oh...and I might add that I've placed some corrected SPAACARS wav files under the "enhancements" area called "soudfix.zip".  For SPAACARS users who wish to use the sound files, these improved wav files remove the delay of the sim that often occurs - especially on landing when the landing.wav starts playing.  I've tested it a couple of times last night on the B1900D and the CRJ without a delay or freeze of simulation, but of course will need to test further.  These sound offerings of SPAACARS will have to satisfy me until the new version of FSPassengers comes out (around the end of year according to the developer).  While I'd love to do more with the various sound files from FSPassenger and A2A COS, these are not my property to share in my own program.




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